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Thanks for finding your way to Minnesota Nice Music. Our mission is to share Minnesota art whether it be music, poetry or art.  We like Minnesota. We like music. We like poetry. And if you do too, allow us to share our vision with you. We hope you will enjoy what you find here and please come back to visit us at any time

Kurt and Dave being Minnesota nice.

  Kurt Orning has been a player in various bands since his late teens, having opened for some big name acts like Merle Haggard and Boxcar Willie.  In later years he has pursued a career as a single performer and a longtime interest in songwriting. His first album, “Angel on My Shoulder” received awards for songwriting excellence from the Great American Song Contest for “Night of the Navajo Moon” and “Two Step Process.” In 1999, he was awarded the Horizon Award from the Tennessee Songwriters’ Association. Later, the same organization nominated him for Most Promising Male Songwriter. On the evening of 9/11 he wrote an anthem reflecting the feelings of the nation called “My Name is America”. Some years later it was recorded by Todd Allen Herendeen and quickly rose to the number one spot on the Indie World Report and has received 1.5 million views on YouTube where it remains today. 

David Olson has been writing poetry and prose throughout his adult life, preferring to share with family, friends and fellow poets. A songwriter friend Kurt Orning, saw the potential of combining his poems with melodies to create the songs on “Nothing on Earth.”